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Path Capital Investment Fund

As we have evolved, the primary investment structure has become an evergreen fund with a preferred rate of return of 6% and an annualized return of 12 percent. We focus on no losses and consistency of returns. Two things have set this fund apart from similar real estate investment opportunities. In addition to providing better than market returns this fund is highly liquid. We aim to redeem any cash requests within 90 days and have honored every single request to-date within 30 days. We are now working to lower this number to a 30 day guarantee cash redemption  with a target actual of 10 days after any request.

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Secondly, we focus on paying our investors first giving them a preferred rate of return before taking any fees including management fee. Our management fee is also the lowest in the industry at 1%. We then share profits with an 80 – 20 split with investors. We ensure alignment with our investors by investing alongside with them. The partners have been the largest investors of the fund to date and are required to invest a dollar for every 4 investor dollars.

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No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team (Reid Hoffman). We are indebted to the many partnerships we have formed along the way and believe that this would never have been possible without them. We have been very careful in vetting our partners especially on alignment of mission, vision and values. To this end, we have employed the partnership Charter which has worked extremely well not only ensuring our partnerships survive but that they thrive and reach their highest goals.

Come join us and enjoy the benefits of passive real estate investing.